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The original Gin n' Juice

Oct 7, 2023

It’s that time again, this is a personal invite for you to come out and enjoy yourself…..I have limited early bird Ambassador tickets, let me know if you need them to be delivered. 

The RUINS - UWI Mona Visitors Lodge

best 90's house party

Saturday ,Oct 7, 2023
Ticket : $4,000 pressed
The RUINS - UWI Mona Visitors Lodge

borderline promotion EVENT

October 29, 2022
OutBurst Comedy show

This staging of the OutBurst comedy show will feature Cedric The Entertainer. Alongside Christopher “Johnny” Daley and Mayah Hype.

Guest Star : Cedric The Entertainer

On Saturday, December 23, 2022 three of Jamaica’s pioneer artiste (Shabba Ranks, Wayne Wonder and Mad Cobra will take centre stage at ICONIC.

Guest Star : Shabba Ranks
Rum Run

Run Run was created for persons who want to get away from the monotony of the regular everyday parties hosted at the same locations year-round.

Guest Star : You